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Predicament of Lamaist Tibet

is the need to provide both a theoretical and practical intervention into Ambedkar's problematic of revolution. Part of this theoretical intervention should involve developing an internal critique of Ambedkar's concept of state which despite its gimmicks of welfarism has remained indifferent to the problems of dalits and of his concept of political power which has not shown any sign of making dalits the ruling community as cherished by Ambedkar. Similarly, the rationalism Ambedkar saw in Buddhism, which has been a major secular and modern gift to the dalit movement needs critical attention as it has not been able to prevent elements of 'superstition' coming in.

Death of an Emperor

William H Newell In some respects the death of Emperor Hirohito is comparable to Gandhi's death. Something deeply moral has left Japanese society.

Social Organisation in Japan and Australia- Some Thoughts on Comparative Social Mobility

SPECIAL ARTICLES William H Newell Some Thoughts on Comparative Social Mobility Social Organisation in Japan and Australia Social mobility cannot be studied separately from social stratification; and the pivot of social strati- fication system in industrial societies is the occupational system.

Mineral Development and Future of Australian Industry

Australian Industry William H Newell JAPAN imported 35 million tons of ore from Australia in 1970 and the quantity imported is expected at least to double by 1975. In addition, Australia might also supply about 10 million tons of ore to Europe by 1975. As for coal, Australia in 1967 supplied about 40 per cent of the Japanese market. In the (financial year ending March 31, 1968, 25.2 million tons were imported into Japan from Australia

Wartime Japan

Breakthrough in Burma: Memoirs of a Revolution, 1939-1946 by Ba Maw, with forewords by William S Cornyn and U Myint; Yale University Press, 1968 ; pp xxiii + 460.

The Two Asias

The Two Asias William H Newell AT THE END of this month I will be returning to England from Tokyo after spending eight years in Japan. It is my intention to return to Japan after at least a year's leave, but in this, my last article from Tokyo for some considerable time, I should like to put my head in a noose by generalising about my experiences in Tokyo during this period.

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