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Emergence of the Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution has, as part of the history of nation making and the process of nation building, become the site of contestations of power. This article seeks to frame this discourse through a history of negotiations between communities seeking to create for themselves a "shared" constitution and resolve cultural fault lines through a vision of a cultural document that was to be the "Indian" Constitution. It attempts to comprehend the specificity of the constitutional design and the history of the idea of the text that is the Indian Constitution as an ideological contest between two visions, "constitution through nation" and "nation through constitution".

UP Assembly Elections

The political space in Uttar Pradesh during the run-up to the assembly elections has been marked by two parallel trends. The regional parties, in order to expand their core constituencies, have been compelled to revise their electoral strategies in economic rather than merely caste terms. This trend has disturbed and reconfigured the traditional caste categories which in elections normally form economic constituencies. National parties, on the other hand, are reconfiguring their perspectives on relevant "identarianism" - caste and religious politics - through their own ideological biases.

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