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1...2...3...But Where To?

One, Two, Three…we are off! But where to? The electronic media stuttered ecstatic hyperbole in its reaction to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at last agreeing to give India its “waiver”.

The Burmese Junta

Myanmar: Can the Generals Resist Change? by K Yhome;

An Exercise in Nostalgia

Locating Home: Hyderabadis Abroad by Karen Isaksen Leonard; Oxford University Press (South Asian reprint), 2007; pp 416, Rs 750 (hardback).

A System in Decay

The Changing Face of Bureaucracy: Fifty Years of the IAS by Sanjoy Bagchi;

Arguing with Sen on Nationalism

In the article, ‘Is Nationalism a Boon or a Curse?’ (February 16, 2008), Amartya Sen is as usual right in many of his thoughtful assertions.

Reinvention of Identity

While Javeed Alam’s article ‘The Contemporary Muslim Situation in India: A Long-Term View’ (January 12) deals instructively with the contemporary Muslim situation in India, it necessarily skips over the predicament of individual famous Muslims, who are targeted by “Hindutva” forces.

Oil, Guns and Rubies: A Burmese Tragedy

Oil, Guns and Rubies: A Burmese Tragedy Vithal Rajan There is no question that military rule in Myanmar must end, but the scenario is far more complex than western commentators want to admit. The National League for Democracy, the monasteries and the military form a competing triangle for power. There are also the powerful ethnic minorities and western oil companies with a stake in the country

On the Side of the People?

The draft report of the IAS induction training syllabus review committee proposes use of learning modules on various socio-economic issues to raise awareness among serving officers . But how far will these officers find space to successfully tackle these issues in a system designed to be deferential to powerful commercial interests? The truly dedicated officers will have to band together and make small positive changes.

Gandhi: The Colonising Object

Against the backdrop of intellectuals in the western countries projecting Gandhi as a spiritual-philosopher rather than a political activist, this article restates Gandhi's political strategy and spiritual quest. It also reminds us that we have to desist from gutting the centrality of politics in Gandhi's life and mission.

Improving the IAS

A review committee formed by the department of personnel and training of the government has initiated wide-ranging consultations on the improvement of training given to the IAS cadets during their period of induction to the service. This article provides a few more suggestions.


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