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Preparing for CoP 111

The last planeload carrying participants from the COP 11 meeting of the international Convention on Biodiversity has flown out of Hyderabad, much to the relief of its citizens who were all inconvenienced for two weeks by the razzmatazz.

The Beltway Mob

The article “Gender Equality in Local Governance in Kerala” by Praveena Kodoth and U S Mishra (EPW, 17 September 2011) was enlightening. It gives valuable information on how men view elected women representatives and the problems faced by the latter for want of previous experience.

'A Disappearing Number'

It is no wonder that Complicité’s A Disappearing Number, a play loosely based on Hardy’s admiration for Ramanujan, has won several awards in the west and continues to run to packed houses in the West End of London.

South Asian Brown Haze

The “South Asian Brown Haze” is a term used by scientists to describe the huge permanent cloud of dust that obscures the skies over the subcontinent as a result of systematic deforestation and desertifi cation over the last 50 years.

Gross Human Rights Abuse of Bradley Manning

We read with distress about the gross human rights abuse of Bradley Manning, in the Los Angeles Times editorial (10 January), and The Guardian report (21 January).

The Curious Case of the Nobel Peace Prize

There is no question that the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo should be released from prison, but on what basis did the Nobel Peace Prize Committee award the 2010 prize to him? The recent history of the peace prize shows that the award committee is focused on promoting western values - even North Atlantic ones - and admonishing those states or cultures that pose a challenge to this world view.

Killing the MFI Golden Goose

With microfi nance institutions being embroiled in controversies, the only viable way to reach much-needed credit to the poor might be to revitalise their own cooperatives. Through the intermediation of such bodies, large nationalised banks like the State Bank of India could completely cut out the middle class middlemen structure of the MFI and deal directly with poor village women, creatively extending the concept of "banking correspondents" to that of "barefoot bankers".

The Tragic Hero

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh holds a unique position in Indian politics. Even his bitterest rivals have never accused him of corruption, so rampant among his peers. The Indian people honour him for his simplicity, accustomed as they are to the high lifestyle of many politicians.

A Case for Opium Dens

Indian industry got its first tranche of capital accumulation in the 19th century when the Tatas joined hands with the Sassoons and the British to force opium onto the Chinese.

Srikrishna Committee and the Simon Commission

Mircea Eliade, the philosopher, held that all traditional cultures conceived of time as circular, and that linear time was a late invention.

The Natives Continue To Be Restless

Perhaps, if, instead of implementing a new generation of Rowlatt Acts, the government had tried providing education, public health, jobs, development and fair play to all the different poor minority communities over which it exercises power, there might have been little violence to tackle, and those communities participating democratically might have fully cooperated with the law and order machinery in identifying and handing over any miscreants.


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