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The Pandit Questions

Who can decide where and in what circumstances should Kashmiri Pandits return to the valley—whether in “exclusive colonies” or in mixed neighbourhoods?

Michael Thomas in conversation with Vinayak Razdan. 

The Kashmiri Dust Storm Blowing in Rajasthan

Razdan, a Kashmiri Pundit forced to flee in 1990, was visiting Rajasthan recently. Surprised that everyone suddenly seems to know their story through news channels, he writes of the questions people ask him and the advice they offer, and how nothing lets him find respite from Kashmir. 

Remembering a Kashmiri Night

In the winter of 1990, Razdan was holed up inside his house, playing, while Kashmir started its rapid descend into hell. Over the years, on marked anniversaries, he and others who “lost” have been asked to tell the old tales again and again. The author writes about violence and memory, of stories from the night of 19 January being untwined and simplified, even as the future gets more twisted. 

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