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A Credo for Post-Columbian World

The Blinded Eye: 500 Years of Christopher Columbus by Ziauddin Sardar, Ashis Nandy, Merry I Wyn Davies, and Claude Alvares; The Apex Press, New York, The Other India Press, Goa, 1993; pp 92, Rs 45.

Rebellion in Chiapas-Colonial History of a New World Disorder

Colonial History of a New World Disorder JUST hours into the new year, several hundreds

The Flogging of Michael Fay-Culture of Authoritarianism

In showing its approval of the flogging of Michael Fay in Singapore, the much touted 'American public' in whose name the American political leadership performs its heroic deeds, has opened the lid on the can of American authoritarianism; this lid is now being sought to be put back into place.

Imperial Nostalgia

Imperial Nostalgia Vinay Lal The Raj: India and the British 1600-1947, general editor C A Bayly; National Portrait Gallery Publications, London, 1990; (Illustrated), pp 432, $ 60.

Surat under the Raj

Surat under the Raj Vinay Lal Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India: The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928 by Douglas E Haynes; University of California Press,

Masculinity, Militarism and Family Values-Afterthoughts on American Election

Family Values Afterthoughts on American Election Vinay Lal Most Americans view the eroding strength of America, as the recent presidential debates showed, through the prism of problems closer to home, which include not only loss of jobs but also declining standards at schools, high rates of violent crime and rampant drug abuse America's economic 'emasculation' goes hand in hand with what is sometimes called loss of 'moral fibre'.

The Air War Some Dissenting Views

Vinay Lal War Crimes: A Report on United States War Crimes against Iraq by Ramsey Clark and others; published on behalf of the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal, Maisonneuve Press, Washington

De-Essentialising Islam

be mentioned. Inadequate investment loan amount coupled with lack of short-term credit acted as a major cause of loan delinquency, The target-oriented approach and heavy concentration in minor irrigation lending which turned out infructuous were the main causes of overdues. Defaults were mainly due to inadequacy of net incremental income. Mortgage of land has not proved to be a realisable security because when the lands of wilful defaulters were sought to be auctioned, there were no bidders.

Saga of Subhas Bose

Vinay Lal Brothers against the Raj: A Biography of Indian Nationalists Sarat and Subhas Chandra Bose by Leonard R Gordon; Columbia University Press, New York, 1990; pp 807, price not stated.

Race and Gender in American Politics-Case of Clarence Thomas

Politics Case of Clarence Thomas Vinay Lal THE recent confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the United States Supreme Court brought to an end the melodrama upon which the attention of the entire nation was riveted for a few days in mid- October. Under Article II, Sec 2 of the US Constitution, the senate is armed with the authority of reviewing presidential appointments and treaties signed with foreign powers. Thomas' confirmation appeared to have been jeopardised when it became public knowledge that Anita Hill, a professor of law at the University of Oklahoma who had worked for Thomas in Washington, had made it known to the senate judiciary committee, the official body entrusted with the task of assessing the fitness of a nominee to sit on the Supreme Court, that Thomas had at the workplace conducted himself in her presence in such a manner as to constitute sexual harassment. By the close vote of 52-48, indeed the narrowest margin by which a nominee to the Supreme Court has ever been confirmed by the senate, Thomas was elevated to the highest court in the country.

Politics of Representing AIDS

Politics of Representing AIDS Vinay Lal AIDS, Africa and Racism by Richard and Rosalind Chirimuuta, Free Association Books, London, 1989; revised edition, paperback, pp 192, price not stated.


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