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India s Nuclear Tests-Loss of Moral Stature and Courage

Loss of Moral Stature and Courage Vinay Krishin Gidwani While the economic and political consequences, and underlying logic, of the nuclear tests requite to be critically evaluated, the reasons for dismay at India's 'nuclear turn' are neither economic nor political The real cause for distress is India's toss of moral stature and courage.

Waste and the Permanent Settlement in Bengal

in Bengal Vinay Krishin Gidwani An idea acquires political potency when it is displaced from a category to a norm; in other words, when, in addition to describing the object it claims to be designating it also takes on an ascriptive and/or moral quality that then guides conduct. 'Waste' is one such idea with an ascriptive dimension, and is therefore politically power- ful The Permanent Settlement in Bengal was deeply concerned with the issue of 'waste'.

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