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Articles By Vimala Ramachandran

Attend to Primary Schoolteachers!

Primary schoolteachers in India have no source of academic support whatsoever. In order to enhance efficiency what they require is assistance to cope with classroom situations involving everyday problems or needs. This article examines the drawbacks of primary education system in five Indian states and highlights the problems faced by teachers, administrators and teacher educators, and puts forth ideas for good practices that emerged during the course of the investigation.

Right to Education Act: A Comment

To argue that alternative schools or private schooling can take care of the needs of primary school-going children ("Feasibility of Implementation of Right to Education Act", EPW, 20 June 2009) is to effectively condemn the poor and the marginalised to a second-rate education since they can never afford private and expensive schooling. The need of the hour is higher public investment in school education.

Energising Government Schools for Meaningful Access

When we speak of access to education it means that children are going to school and learning. It may be more appropriate to use the term "meaningful access" encompassing enrolment, regular attendance of children and teachers, availability of books and other learning materials, a learning environment in a functioning school. This paper attempts to synthesise the experience of small and larger projects of the government and non-governmental organisations to address the issue of learning in the government school system.