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The Untouchable Question

Most studies of 'untouchables' are confined within a strictly cultural frame work fashioned by lndology, in which the most important elements colonialism, the nationalist movement and capitalism are left out. This paper poses the problem of social reform, radicalism and revolt within the framework of Indian liberalism the self image of nationalism by tracing the construction and deployment of nationalist and Hindu communalist discourses on untouchability.

From Plantation Slavery to Penal Slavery

As fewer Americans find permanent, well-paying jobs with benefits, the working class will be pleased to find work of any kind; building prisons is not a bad idea and working in 'correctional centres' seems better than starving.

May Days of Mayavati

angry, the happenings in UP have dealt a blow to the consolidation being effected by Mulayam Singh. From now on, even if Mulayam re-emerges, it will only be with the help of other forces on the old plank which he had sought to jettison in his bid for sole domination.


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