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BHOPAL A YEAR AFTER- Carbide Workers Farce of Rehabilitation

December 14, 1985 tinue to receive monthly payments aqui- valent to their salaries until a settlement should be reached, but this demand was later dropped because it conflicted with the union demand for additional compensation. Elsewhere in the world, most notably in Britain, similar actions were organised putting forward the same demands. Largely as a result of this pressure, V P Gokhale consented to a discussion with a TURF delegation and agreed in principle to make part of the plant (the rest, he said, was under CB1 control) available for alternative production. - Subsequently, the director of the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering has said that the machinery in the Formulation Plant can be used for making soya food products and animal feed, for both of which there would be a good market. With a relatively small additional investment, large numbers of gas victims could be employed as well as the workers, and the food products would be an important aid to improving the health of gas-affected people as well as other undernourished children and adults throughout India. The machinery in the fabrication Shop can be used to make agricultural implements
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