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Improving Fertiliser Use Efficiency

Improving Fertiliser Use Efficiency Vidya Sagar Strategic Issues in Future Growth of Fertilisers in India edited by Gunvant M Desai and A Vaidyanathan; Macmillan India, 1995.

Fertiliser Use Efficiency in Indian Agriculture

Vidya Sagar Recent studies observe continuing decline in fertiliser response through the 1980s. This they attribute to over- concentration of fertilisers in agriculturally advanced regions. This article, by examining fertiliser responses under field conditions, argues for the contrary. According to it, it is the low fertiliser application combined with low to very low use efficiency in the less developed regions that is primary responsible for the decline.

Public Intervention for Poverty Alleviation in Harsh Agro-Climatic Environment-Care of Rajasthan

Harsh Agro-Climatic Environment Care of Rajasthan Vidya Sagar Rajasthan is characterised by sharp regional contrasts in agro-climatic conditions as well as by fluctuating levels of rainfall and consequent frequency of drought conditions. Although there are regional variations in poverty levels, overall the state has a very low level of economic and social development, coupled with a negative record of achievements in poverty alleviation. An examination of the functioning of PAPs suggests that an emphasis on infrastructurat development, especially watershed development and reforestation, along with programmes of employment and asset redistribution, is most needed in this state.

Fertiliser Pricing Are Subsidies Essential

Vidya Sagar What will be the impact of the increase in fertiliser prices on agricultural production? What will happen if the retention price scheme is scrapped and fertiliser decontrolled?

Poverty among Identified Weaker Sections in Rajasthan

The structure and distribution of poverty groups measured in terms of size of landholding, value of assets, caste or unemployment, is not uniform throughout the country. In Rajasthan which by 1968 had become one of highest poverty states the data show some distinct features. This paper examines the position of the generally identified rural poverty groups in the state in terms of the distribution of consumption expenditure, income, assets and liabilities as well as food consumption patterns for both all-rural population and the weaker sections. What emerges is that the consumption levels of a significant number of labour households are higher than those of other sections of the population; that rural labour households are not necessarily the poorer sections; and that in fact, small cultivators turn out to be the worst sufferers.

Contribution of Individual Technological Factors in Agricultural Growth- A Case Study of Rajasthan

in Agricultural Growth A Case Study of Rajasthan Vidya Sagar The present study attempts to measure the contribution of the three technological factors, viz, high yielding varieties of seed, fertilisers, and irrigation, in the growth of agricultural productivity in Rajasthan during 1961-74. Instead of the traditional production function approach, an alternative scheme of analysis based on the 'yardsticks of the use of technological factors is developed and used.

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