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Gender Mainstreaming in Social Protection

since 1983, the CAG has been made a member of the House of Commons.
DecentralisationTo reduce the workload on the system and make it effective, Mathur suggests that the office of the CAG needs to be decentralised and that independent wings of this body need to be constituted at the level of the states. Presently, the accountant general, who is responsible for auditing the finances of the states, also functions as a subordinate office of the CAG. However, the accountant general enjoys no constitutional and legal status, so he is unable to deal effectively with the Public Accounts Committee of the legislature or take up critical issues with the state government. Mathur points out that the original draft of the Constitution made by the Drafting Committee did contain a provision for an auditor general for the states but this provision was done away with on the recommendations of the expert committee which reasoned that many states may not choose to exercise the option of appointing a separate auditor general and that auditing and accounting could become one entity under the authority of the CAG. To strengthen audit mechanisms, this situation needs to be remedied. The book suggests that the accountant general

Obituary: Thakor Shah

Thakor Shah AMAR JESANI, VIBHUTI PATEL ment and the ideological commitments of At a time when the nation needs people who could keep alive the secular conscience of Gujarat, the passing away of Thakor Shah on April 10, 2004 in Vadodara due to massive heart attack has come as a big jolt. He died while participating in the meeting of the network of social movements in Gujarat. Of the 76 years he lived, he spent over 60 years in public life, making personal sacrifices, fearlessly withstanding all attacks

Adverse Juvenile Sex Ratio in Kerala

Census 2001 has revealed a deterioration in the juvenile malefemale sex ratio in Kerala. Hospital birth records can help establish sex ratios at birth and thus the prevalence of female foeticide. However, civil society and the state will need to pitch in to check the misuse of technology for female foeticide in Kerala.

STREET THEATRE- Unending Story

The increase was mainly concentrated in the quarter July-September when time deposits rose by Rs 3,273 crore as against Rs 1,733 crore in the corresponding period last year. Bank credit which was increasing steadily in the first four months recorded a fall of Rs 123 crore in August 1985, due to a fall of Rs 441 crore in food procurement credit. it picked up thereafter and the expansion in the first six months amounted to Rs 2,086 crore or 4.3 per 'cent. During the corresponding period last year bank credit recorded an increase of R s 2,212 crore or 5.4 per cent. Credit-deposit ratio was lower at 64.5 per cent as against 66.1 per cent last year. The incremental credit-deposit ratio fell to 33.6 per cent from 42 per cent last year (Table 2). During the current year so far, food credit has contributed .hardly one per cent to the rise of Rs 2,086 crore in bank credit compared to its share of 38 per cent last year.

RAILWAYS- Agitation by Locomen

warned against any cut in wage levels and emoluments as had already been achieved by any category of workers. It had emphatically laid down that not a single paisa must he taken away from any category of employees in the name of rationalisation of wages. It had recommended that future wage revisions and adjustments should aim to narrow wage differentials and that this too should be clone through the processes of collective bargaining under certain broad guidelines which, the government might lay down. Therefore, what the present government hay done in the case of the LIC employees has nothing at all to do with the recommendation of the Bhoothalingam committee. Instead the action harks back audaciously to the strong arm measures of the Emergency, all in the name of 'demand management' and 'holding the prices' The government thus claims it has to take stiff measures against workers' claims to higher wages and DA in order to case the inflationary pressures in the economy and cut costs of production. The employers in any case have been urging these measures since the very formation of the present government, even reminding it of its achievements of the Emergency in this respect and ascerting the need for its repetition for reviving economic activity.

Law on Rape

to face, he admits, yet part of the structure of the game.
In business it is the same, states Shephen Cruz, a Mexican-American who successfully went up the corporate ladder. He notes how each person and group has their own agenda, putting down others in the process of getting ahead. The American Dream, he thinks, is governed by this quest for upward mobility, power and selfishness, so that each person draws from the advantages made available (and minorities take the benefits of the civil rights movement) and answers in- dividualistically the society from which one emerged: "We owe nothing to anybody." It is a grim reminder that change comes hard in America and that dreamers must carefully calculate their alternatives. Utopian radicals like Helen and Scott Nearing have retreated to the hinterlands of America and want as little to do with money and the system of exchange as possible. Theirs Is the American Dream in isolation and near self- dependency. Others like former Cleveland Mayor, Dennis Kucinich, view themselves as still on the firing line, Law on Rape Vibhuti Patel Rape: Proposed Changes in the Law, Lawyers Collective, Bombay,


Another View of Incidents in North Kamrup Vibhuti Patel ON January 5, 1980, curfew was imposed in extensive areas of North Kamrup following disturbances in these areas in which different sections of people participated. On January 7, the Governor of Assam declared these areas as ''disturbed" and on the following day, on January 8, the army was called in to restore "law and order". Soon reports of army atrocities began to reach Gauhati, and the Junior Doctors' Association and the Students' Union of Gauhati Medical College organised a medical relief team of nine doctors, eight students and ancillary staff of the Gauhati Medical College to visit the affected areas.


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