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Systemic Problems in Indian Defence

Arming without Aiming: India's Military Modernisation by Stephen P Cohen and Sunil Dasgupta (Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press), 2010; pp xvi+223, Rs 499.

The Advancing Peace Process

The India-Pakistan peace effort is now passing through a decisive phase. Never before have the two countries engaged each other so intensely or purposively. Both have moved away from long-hardened policy positions, and this has surprised most people in the two countries, and also abroad. There is not much popular comprehension yet of the historic nature of these shifts or of the strategic reasons that have necessitated them.

South Asia through American Eyes

South Asia through American Eyes Prospects for Peace in South Asia by Rafiq Dossani and Henry S Rowen (eds); Stanford University Press, Stanford, 2005; pp 424, price not mentioned.

Soft Border Approach in Kashmir

Both India and Pakistan now recognise the benefits of putting the Kashmir conflict behind them. Pakistan has begun to accept that the LoC is here to stay. Its effort now is make it politically acceptable by getting it signified as a 'soft' border, unlike the rest of the India-Pakistan border. This approach suits India too. A settled but soft border between the two parts of J and K, parallel and cascading autonomy as well as substantial and reciprocal force reduction in both parts will not only address the grievances of the Kashmiris, but also enhance the political and military security of both countries.

Kashmir: Making the 'Impossible' Happen

The current dialogue process between India and Pakistan is set in a period of considerably less animosity than earlier. However, for the 'impossible' to happen, for the two sides to break away from the suspicion that has long mired their relationship, two things are simultaneously needed : a greater measure of autonomy to the people of Kashmir on both sides and a commensurate relaxation in security. For any settlement to sustain itself over time, it needs to give both sides some degree of comfort.

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