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Third World Perspectives on Communication

Critical Issues in Communication: Looking Inwards for Answers – Essays in Honour of K E Eapen edited by Srinivas R Melkote and Sandhya Rao, Sage Publications, New Delhi, Thousand Oaks, London; 2001; pp 491, Rs 595.

Hindutva in Tamil Nadu

This is in response to S Subramanyan’s rejoinder (June 17) to M S S Pandian’s ‘Tamil Friendly Hindutva’ (May 27). Having already sworn their affidavits in favour of BJP it hardly matters to those who hold opinions like S Subramanyan as to whether they put the cart before the horse or not.

Iruvar Transforming History into Commodity

'Iruvar' : Transforming History into Commodity Venkatesh Chakravarthy MSS Pandian Like his earlier two films, 'Roja' and ' Bombay', Manirathnam's 'Iruvar' is another attempt to commercialise and commodify history. The film sets out to subsume and tame the Dravidian Movement's politics beyond recognition. This ideological project of the film has been largely missed.

More on Roja

More on Roja Venkatesh Chakravarthy MSS Pandian TEJASWINI NIRANJANAs 'Integrating Whose Nation? Tourists and Terrorists in 15) is significant both in foregrounding the problematic oeuvre of Manirathinam and in addressing a series of questions which are important in the context of the dominant film-practice of our times. These questions relate to such issues as the construction of national identity, the linearisation of history, the reproduction of the subject, the disavowal of female subjectivity, the manner in which the spectator, s/he, is written into the discourse of the film and the violence of such a writing in erasing other voices and blocking other narratives which are capable of telling a different story or writing a different history.

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