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Cash Transfers and UID

We support cash transfers such as old-age pensions, widow pensions, maternity entitlements and scholarships. However, we oppose the government’s plan for accelerated mass conversion of welfare schemes to Unique Identification Authority (UID)-driven cash transfers.

Political Challenges to Universal Access to Healthcare

While welcoming the report of the High Level Expert Group on Universal Health Coverage for India for its comprehensive vision and many well-conceived recommendations, this article focuses on the conditions needed for its promise to bear fruit. Towards this, it explores the political dimension, which comprises the forces and interests that come into play to shape and reconfigure administrative policy and its implementation.

Aarogyasri Healthcare Model: Advantage Private Sector

Andhra Pradesh's Aarogyasri programme has placed health on the political map in the state and is popular with the masses. However, corporate hospitals handle the biggest share of the cases and there is no provision for outpatient treatment of everyday illnesses that affect the working capacity of the patient. The focus on tertiary healthcare to the exclusion of all other forms of medical assistance leads to an inefficient medical care model with a low level of real impact on meeting the needs of healthcare and the health of the population. There is need for a debate on the healthcare and techno-commercial performance of the programme, especially if it is going to be copied by other states and even by the centre in introducing some form of universal healthcare.

Backpain, the Feminine Affliction

Medical practice does not find women's diseases exciting—but if in addition women's illnesses fail to fit into given categories and expectations, then the illness is delegitimised. Backpain is one such health complaint. And yet it is also a symptom of a more fundamental problem, the social insult which is inflicted on women's bodies in a variety of ways throughout their lives. This article illustrates this through hospital-based study of women suffering from osteoporotic fractures

Experiencing Drudgery

Experiencing Drudgery Veena Shatrugna Labour Pains and Labour Power

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