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Delays in Adoption of Management Techniques in Governmental Administration

in Governmental Administration V Subramaniam The modern developing state is schizophrenic about management tools insofar as it is subject to four, contradictory pulls in regard to maximising net outputs. The law and order state ideal still governs a part of its activity, and so does the simple Keynesian balancing ideal Neither of these calls for any effort to maximise anything, except stability. As against this, the neo-Keynesian economic growth ideal calls for balancing at higher and higher levels

Ceylon s Twisted Social Evolution

Ceylon's Twisted Social Evolution THE insurrection against the Government of Ceylon organised by educated unemployed youth groups has been jokingly called a revolution against a revolution and a Left-wing threat to a Left-wing government. Such quips have a deeper clement of truth than the quipsters realise. This element is related to the peculiarly aristocratic background of the Leftist leaders in power, the welfare policies inaugurated in Ceylon long before a socialistic government came to power and the inhibited nature of Ceylon's social evolution.

The Indian Political System-Need for New Research Angles

The Indian political system has obviously grown too complex for simple, elegant models and nostalgia for such models will not help us to understand the complex reality


A WEEK of ceremonial airport receptions and send-offs, of gun salutes and colourful cavalcades, of speeches and applause in perhaps the best-appointed conference hall in Africa, of closed sessions and open resolutions and the clang of hundreds of press typewriters, is now over and it is time to make a rough balance-sheet of the Conference. The apparent immediate goodwill created by the Conference is evident on the faces of the participants. Closing the Conference, the President of Zambia burst into song calling his wife his girlfriend; Madame Binh beamed with pride as the delegates gave her thunderous applause: the leaders of the freedom movements in Rhodesia and Portuguese Africa were happy to have obtained more than a hearing, indeed even some tangible support, and Indira Gandhi exuded an aura of subdued satisfaction. In fact most delegates seemed happy to have attended. On the other side, the South African radio hurled abuse at the Conference for plotting to destroy Western civilisation while most other Western media played down the Conference. There is, of course, the obvious balance-sheet. The more important, long-term one, cannot be calculated till something is known about the follow-up to the Conference spirit and resolutions. But an immediate calculation is worthwhile as the events remain fresh in one's mind.

Emergence and Eclipse of Tamil Brahmins-Some Guidelines to Research

Some Guidelines to Research V Subramaniam Upto the 18th century, the position of the Brahmins in Tamil Nadu was important but not dominant in society. How did they acquire before the end of the 19th century a measure of dominance they did not have earlier?

Inter-Disciplinary Isolation in Universities

Inter-Disciplinary Isolation in Universities V Subramaniam time or other for some reason or other. To study the latter in a vacuum is a perversion of priorities.


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