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Nuclear Tests and Nation

V M Tarkunde AS the sentimental euphoria generated by the five atomic explosions at Pokhran on May 11 and 13 is gradually dying down, a conviction is growing, at least among thoughtful people, that the explosions and their consequences are likely to prove extremely harmful to India's national interests. Before considering the causes and the consequences of the bomb explosions, it is necessary to make two observations.

Final GATT Agreement-An Assessment

Final GATT Agreement An Assessment V M Tarkunde THIS article is being written after a good deal of hesitation. I have gone through the controversial provisions of the Dunkel Draft. I have also seen a good deal of the literature on the subject, including an instructive article by S P Shukia, who was formerly finance secretary of the govern-ment of India and was also India's ambassador and permanent representative to GATTat Geneva. Not being a professional economist, nor a person well versed in international commerce, I can do no more than present my tentative views on the controversy generated by India's representative signing the Final Act of GATT's Uruguay Round. Nevertheless l think it necessary to do so because many of the published articles on the Dunkel Proposals (not the one by S P Shukla) were fell by me to be highly one-sided, and also because some leftist political parties have decided to start a mass movement to condemn India's signing the Final Treaty. I believe that such a movement will be highly detrimental to India's interests and also to the cause of the leftist parties themselves. I hope that the publication of these tentative views will evoke a thoughtful response from persons more qualified to contribute to this discussion.
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