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Resources at the Margin-Tank Irrigation Programme in Karnataka

Tank Irrigation Programme in Karnataka V M Rao M G Chandrakant Taking the tanks proposed to be constructed under the Kartnataka Tank Irrigation Programme as a typical instance of an unutilised resource in backward areas, this note holes at their costs and indicators of impact in a comparative perspective to bring out their weaknesses as a development resource. This is followed by a brief consideration of the ways to improve the viability of such marginal resources. The note concludes by pointing out issues which are likely to be crucial in evolving a development strategy appropriate to the resource situation of backward areas.

From Myths to Reality-The Uncertain Path in Economics

From Myths to Reality The Uncertain Path in Economics V M Rao Indian Agricultural Economics: Myths and Realities by Ashok Rudra; Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 1982, pages xvi + 467, Rs 150.

Barriers in Rural Development

Barriers in Rural Development V M Rao Two prominent themes dominate current debates on problems of rural development in India: first, that rural development ought to receive higher priority and larger resources than it has received until now; second, that a decentralised pattern of organisation for formulating and implementing rural development programmes needs to be evolved.

Promises on Rural Development

Promises on Rural Development V M Rao Rural Development: The CADC Experience by Biplab Dasgupta; West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation, Calcutta, 1982, pp 74, price not stated.

Rural Development Personnel Location, Status and Development Characteristics

Village-bused personnel are the implementing arm in the field of State intervention in the rural area to promote development. The results of the author's study indicate that the personnel need to be sub- stantially expanded in number, made more broad-based and dispersed beyond the large-size villages. This, in turn, requires a fresh approach to building up personnel involving departures from the prevailing systems of selection, recruitment, etc, adjusted to the urban setting and conditions.

The Poor as a Social Stratum-Some Economic Criteria for Studying Poverty

Some Economic Criteria for Studying Poverty V M Rao M Vivekananda Economics does seem to provide same simple and relevant criteria to spot the poor in the NSS data and to bring out their features of interest to social sciences. The approach needs, basically, an urge to look at the poor as a social stratum distinguishable from other strata and to look into the process giving rise to stratification of society.

Calorie Norm Controversy

Calorie Norm Controversy V M Rao M Vivekananda THANKS to the recent burst of controversy in EPW on the calorie norm, measurement of poverty

Nature of Rural Underdevelopment-A Field View

Planning for rural development means preparing development plans for relatively small and homogeneous areas like districts and taluks. This involves focusing development programmes on the basic needs of village communities and of target groups of the poor of the area. It is common note to judge rural plans by the number of poor helped to rise above the poverty line, and not merely by growth indicators.

Guesstimates on Unemployment

duction of fuel crops rather than food, those who own automobiles may have a disproportionately large say in the matter." Sounds familiar?
Lester R Brown has produced a cogent argument. Conscise position papers like this one are almost unknown in India. The luminaries who gathered to discuss science in Vigyan Bhavan recently were happy with papers which didn't go beyond generalities and banalities. Instead of giving spirited support to our gasohol scientists let us examine the issues critically. On the other hand, Lester Brown could be a CIA agent provocateur let loose to destroy energy research in poor countries. But how are we going to find out?

The Old and the New in Indian Agriculture

union leaders, the government introduc-. ed phase I of its incomes policy way back in July 1975 putting a freeze on wages above

Accountant s View of Rural Development

Accountant's View of Rural Development V M Rao Rural Development in Action by Uma Kant Srivastava and P S George; Somaiya Publications, Bombay, 1977; pp viii + 205,

Linking Irrigation with Development-Some Policy Issues

Linking Irrigation with Development Some Policy Issues V M Rao It is common to look upon irrigation as a resource falling in the domain of technical experts. However, the success of a society in using a resource for development, particularly an elemental resource like irrigation, depends equally on the characteristics of the human factor and of the communities undergoing the process of change.


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