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Where Have the Mangoes Gone?

Mangoes have always been the most popular illustrations in primary school mathematics textbooks. But they have been replaced by apples, peaches, hazelnuts and cherries in the brand new NCERT textbook for class one. Worse still is the replacement of the Indian bullock cart with an American model. Serious note must be taken of these changes since illustrations play an important pedagogic role in school textbooks.

Intellectual Property Rights and Agricultural Development

Intellectual Property Rights and Agricultural Development Usha Menon The negotiations on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights, by making it obligatory on the part of member nations to extend the scope of monopoly rights to plants, is forcing agricultural development to take place in a particular direction which will be in the interest of the multinational corporations.

Technology and Development Aid-The Case of Ganga Action Plan

The Case of Ganga Action Plan Usha Menon Technical aid programmes constitutes important part of bilateral and multilateral international development programmes and are an important conduit for the import of technology. These programmes have as one of their objectives the transfer of technology. Yet they are normally carried out by technology suppliers who work on. commercial lines and whose interests are opposed to that of upgrading the technical level in the underdeveloped country The Ganga Action Plan is financed by 'development aid'. Foreign aid in the actual execution is confined to two projects, the integrated sanitation project at Kanpur and the low-cost treatment and conveyance system at Mirzapur, , both under Dutch development aid. What has been the impact of this on technical upgradation?

INDUSTRY-Boycotted Everywhere, Welcome in India

sequent costs, the element of aggrandisement evident in the development, the removal of slums to the edge of the city, etc The report states that there are instances of viable programmes in almost every aspect of urbanisation that merit serious consideration. "What we need to change is lethargy . that is gradually

World Bank and Transfer of Technology-Case of Indian Fertiliser Industry

World Bank and Transfer of Technology Case of Indian Fertiliser Industry Usha Menon In the ongoing debate as to whether technology can be usefully borrowed, with or without foreign investment linked to it, the fact is often overlooked that the receiving country does not have the appro- priate infrastructure to put the foreign technology to optimal use. Hence it is not surprising that the World Bank, the most ardent champion of free trade and foreign investment, is also one of the most ardent sup- porters of transfer of technologies to underdeveloped countries with a view to assisting the eventual development of indigenous technologies.

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