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Intersecting Journeys

Gail Omvedt widened the horizons of scholarship on caste, class, and gender by probing into hitherto unexplored areas and inspired fellow scholars and activists to pursue new inquiries. A fellow traveller on the path of transformative theory and praxis looks back on these intertwined journeys.

Defend Freedom of Expression

We, the undersigned journalists, writers, historians, and activists from south Asia, are deeply concerned about the use of “contempt of court” law to curb freedom of expression. The conviction and sentencing on 2 December 2014 of Dhaka-based journalist David Bergman by the International Crimes...


A freedom movement for women has been sparked off. Citizens across the country are demanding an end to the generations of violence and suppression faced by hundreds of millions of Indian women and girls – from rape and domestic abuse, to lower pay and no right to property. Voters are calling on...

On Understanding the Incomprehensible - I

The editorial “Understanding the Incomprehensible” (EPW, 29 December 2012) on the brutal gang rape of a young woman and the vicious attack on the young man accompanying her is disquieting for several reasons. For a journal that usually does not see any other event or issue as “incomprehensible”,...

Appeal for Court Protection of Soni Sori

LETTERS Issn 0012-9976 Ever since the first issue in 1966, EPW has been India’s premier journal for comment on current affairs and research in the social sciences. It succeeded Economic Weekly (1949-1965), which was launched and shepherded by Sachin Chaudhuri, who was also the founder-editor of EPW...

Bringing Gender into History: Women, Property and Reproduction

The Power of Gender and the Gender of Power: Explorations in Early Indian History by Kumkum Roy (Delhi: Oxford University Press); 2010, pp xiv+386, Rs 850.

State Brutality in Kashmir

We strongly condemn the recent spate of state-perpetrated violence in Kashmir and its persistent framing as a law and order problem. Surely the unrelenting struggles of millions of Kashmiris must force us to question the reprehensible language of externally induced disturbance –indeed, if the most...

Clinching Archaeological Evidence

Ayodhya: Archaeology after Excavation by D Mandal and Shereen Ratnagar

South Asian Women in Britain

Dreams, Questions, Struggles: South Asian Women in Britain by Amrit Wilson

Rape Culture

We are outraged and deeply upset at the grotesque sexualised assault on the adivasi woman who was stripped and viciously beaten at a protest demon­ stration by adivasi and tea tribe communi­ ties seeking scheduled tribe status and other political rights by “local” youths in Guwahati on November 24...


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