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Destitute Thinking

Practising Caste embraces a courageous minimalism to tease out minimal, lowest-level constituents in the making of caste from practices of touch and counterposes them to the idea of society. Ethical impoverishment, the book tells us, is a precondition for and the initial form of new thinking and living. Destitution prepares the ground for inventing new forms of sociality.


The University and Its Outside

In the new conception being put forward by the government, the university is considered as a skill factory which, through mass production, will address the needs of the country's economy. This model thinks of universities not as laboratories of thought but as factories where activities are performed in unison. Instead of a cohabitation of differences in friendship and respectful, heated disagreement, you have a paranoid fantasy that gets rid of all real diversity.

From Democratic Autonomy to Authoritarian Sovereignty

Delhi University’s academic reforms reveal the dangers of a new style of administration emerging in Indian universities that replaces multi-level autonomous academic deliberation with centralised sovereign decision making.

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