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Articles By U Kalpagam

Marriage Norms, Choice and Aspirations of Rural Women

Marriage by choice is increasingly being cognised as a category between arranged marriage and love marriage without the constraint of caste. Based on an ethnographic fieldwork in a village in Allahabad district, this paper explores the aspirations of women and young girls to changes in marriage practices. It seeks to understand how patriarchy, customs and traditions operate in the form of social disciplines that constrain women's lives and how women perceive these social disciplines and attempt to carve out spaces of freedom. Most women and young girls however seek to access greater freedom in life through education and a move into urban areas while leaving the parental responsibility of arranging marriages intact.

Secularism, Religiosity and Popular Culture

This paper is an ethnographic essay dealing with various facets of religiosity, urban communities and roadside temples even as it raises larger issues on the secularisation of Indian society. Its central argument is that the notion of "multiple modernities" may provide a framework to understand the flourish of contemporary religiosity as it accords a role to tradition in the shaping of the modernisation process. In the specific context of Hindu communities, the sanskritisation process works conjointly with the secularisation process. The paper also suggests some possibility for rethinking the notion of popular culture as well.