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Modi and Gujarati 'Asmita'

Narendra Modi won the elections so spectacularly because he convinced the electorate that he is the true bearer of the Gujarati identity. This is an identity that no longer acknowledges the values of Mahatma Gandhi, that believes ethics is negotiable, and that revels in Modi's hyper-masculine politics.

Dandi March and Gandhi's Politics

The re-enactment of the Dandi March seeks to recapture and create anew the Gandhi myth. As an icon, Gandhi has long formed part of the symbol-dominated global political economy. While the Gandhian legacy continues to be invoked in the service of various present-day struggles, the discomfort and ambivalence that Gandhi?s political message often evoke remain more widely evinced than before.

'Re-editing' Gandhi's Collected Works

The exercise to 're-edit' the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi is non-transparent and flawed, and displays an inefficiency and callousness that makes the revised publication incapable of being a standard reference. The new edition should be scrapped, and the original collected works reinstated as the only and most authentic version of the writings and utterances of Gandhi.

Gujarat: Collapse of Urban Cooperative Banking Sector

The cooperative banking system in Gujarat, which was part of the larger cooperative movement in the state, began to be undermined when its financial resources became a means of dispensing political patronage. With the collapse of several banks, the delegitimisation of the cooperative movement in the state is complete, shutting out the possibility of wealth creation and social participation for marginalised communities.

Gujarat : No Room for Dialogue

Over the decade there has been a complete collapse of civil society which in the past has allowed, mediated and kept alive the possibility of dialogues. The violence of the last fortnight vividly demonstrates that there is today no collective which can exercise moral authority and rescue the dialogic space.

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