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Anatomy of a Coup That Failed

Anatomy of a Coup That Failed Trevor Drieberg Coup Theories and Officers' Motives by Donald L Horowitz; Princeton University Press, 1980; price not stated.

Bangladesh 1975 with Hindsight

Trevor Drieberg Bangladesh: The Unfinished Revolution by Lawrence Lifschultz; Zed Press, 57 Caledonian Road, Loudon; pp 211; $ 2.85, IX the small hours of August 15, 1975, with a hot, sweltering monsoon blowing over Dacca from, the Bay of Bengal, history took a backward leap in the four-year-old Republic of Bangladesh, While the rest of Dacca slept, the Bengal Lancers and the Bangladesh Armoured Corps moved out of the city's main cantonment on what seemed to be their customary night manoeuvres. But on this night their objective was different As these columns lined up on the main runway of Dacca's abandoned, half-built second airport, the commander of the Lancers, Major Farooq, unfolded the purpose of their mission.

Injustice to the Many

Injustice to the Many Trevor Drieberg India and Sri Lanka: Sirimavo-Shastri Pact by Lalit Kumar; Chetna Publications, New Delhi, 1977; pp 132; Rs 35.

SRI LANKA- Eclipse of the Centre-Left

September 13, 1975 mism for cutting back production, scaling a part of the loomage and thus throwing the budlingworkers on the streets. Ray has not committed himself to anything, but he is under great pressure.

SRI LANKA-Period of Questioning

ON visiting Sri Lanka recently after an absence of 21 years, my first superficial impression was that it had undergone little change. In Colombo and along the populous southwest coast, the most noticeable changes were the large number of hotels and restaurants and gem shops, entering mainly to a tourist traffic that is unfortunately shrinking rapidly. This made me wonder whether such a large investment of scarce capital resources in a part of the tertiary sector with a very elastic demand in the hope of earning substantial foreign exchange was justifiable in any underdeveloped country.

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