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The View from Above

The Conjurer’s Revenge Redux

(Following Stephen Leacock, Professor of Political Economy, late of McGill University, Canada)

Note: This is Toothcomber’s valedictory piece: with this, the column winds up.

Toothcomber's Lack of Clarity

I am writing this to say that I am in profound sympathy with Samares Kumar Das’s predicament (“Some Clarity Please,” EPW, 30 May 2015). As in his case, so in mine: Toothcomber tends to pass over my head too.

The View from Above

In an effort to impart complex ideas as simply as possible, in this edition of his column, the illogical Toothcomber tackles the profligacy of the poor and economic inequality.

The View from Above

The first edition of an occasional column that will take a tongue-in-cheek look at economics and society.

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