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Repealment of the Rubber Act, 1947 and the Enactment of the Rubber (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022

The Rubber (Promotion and Development) Bill, 2022 proposed to replace the Rubber Act, 1947 is vehemently criticised by the politicians and farmer forums from Kerala. There are several aspects to be relooked at and modified in the bill, though most of the criticisms are unfounded.



Informal Labour Market and Structural Devolution

This paper discusses the dynamics of the labour market in the context of the structural changes in the rubber small-holding sector. The authors (a) analyse the processes determining tapping and its size in the small-holdings; (b) examine the inter-regional differences in wages, tapping tasks, employment and earnings of tappers; and (c) highlight emerging issues and their implications for the labour market.

Natural Rubber in Post-QRs Regime

The impact of the trade control measures on natural rubber imposed last year, though still too early to discern, must be seen in the context of the removal of quantitative restrictions on imports and the liberalised trade regime in place over the past decade.

Duty Exemption and Remission Schemes

Under a fully WTO-compatible trade regime, to which India is committed, the only weapon available in normal circumstances to check imports which damage domestic industry is flexibility in fixation of customs duties subject to the committed bound rates. But as imports under the export-linked schemes are duty-free, a surge in such imports cannot be arrested through the tariff rate mechanism. It is necessary, therefore, to rationalise the duty exemption and remission schemes in the EXIM Policy 2002-07 to be announced shortly.

Commercial Exploitation of Ancillary Rubber Products

Rubber Products Toms Joseph Tharian George K With the International Rubber Agreement, the only existing commodity pact on the verge of collapse, the, commercial exploitation of ancillary rubber products such as rubber wood, rubber seed and honey has assumed importance.

Rubber-Based Industrialisation in Kerala-An Assessment of Missed Linkages

An Assessment of Missed Linkages Tharian George K Toms Joseph Kerala has a near monopoly in the production of natural rubber and yet it consumes only a small proportion of the produce. In fact, the state's NR-based industries are almost entirely confined to NR processing small-scale units with limited linkages.

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