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Articles By Tilottoma Misra

Literary Cultures in North East India

The history of a community’s literature has usually been inseparable from the history of the language in which the literature is produced. In North East India, the problem arises in the case of those communities which have a rich and vibrant oral tradition, but no written texts. When writers from these communities adopt a literary language which is alien to their culture, they have to understand the historical conditions that enable them to use that language. The literary cultures in this region have witnessed a gradual shrinking of frontiers from the trans-regional vernaculars to a confined and limited regional space, where atomisation of cultures is more visible than development of cosmopolitan vernaculars.

Indira Goswami: Brave, Gentle and Bold

Indira Goswami, aka Mamoni Raisom, the writer who died on 29 November, will not wield her brave pen again, nor will she gently smile and assert boldly the freedom of herself against all odds, but her phoenix-like ability to reinvent herself, her faith in herself to live life according to her own beliefs and ideals, and her gentle demeanour that endeared her to many, will continue to inspire.