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New Millennium Development Goals

A high-level United Nations panel has proposed the adoption of 12 new Millennium Development Goals from 2015. The new goals suffer from the same key defects as the original ones; they are general wishes without concrete tasks and responsibilities assigned to specific competent actors, and they do not meet civil society aspirations for inequality reduction, systemic reforms of global institutions, and a more comprehensive view of poverty.

Unknown: Extent, Distribution and Trend of Global Income Poverty

The estimates of the extent, distribution and trend of global income poverty provided in the World Bank's World Development Reports for 1990 and 2000-01 are neither meaningful nor reliable. The Bank uses an arbitrary international poverty line unrelated to any clear conception of what poverty is. It employs a misleading and inaccurate measure of purchasing power "equivalence" that vitiates international and intertemporal comparisons of income poverty. It extrapolates incorrectly from limited data and thereby creates an appearance of precision that masks the high probable error of its estimates. The systematic distortion introduced by these three flaws is likely to lead to a large understatement of the extent of global income poverty and to an incorrect inference that it has declined. A new methodology of global poverty assessment is feasible and necessary.

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