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Chile Parliamentary Socialism and Class Struggle

the composting process, (6) Curing of the organo-mineral fertiliser.
(iii) USE of indigenously available raw materials In the process suggested it is proposed to make the best use of raw material available indigenously. Rock phosphate of low grades, which has been declared unfit for use in the production of phosphatic fertiliser, is available in large quantities in India. It is proposed to introduce this rock phosphate in the process of composting, so that, during the actual decomposition the availability of phosphorous of the rock phosphate is increased.

Chile Parliamentary Socialism and Class Struggle

Chile: Parliamentary Socialism and Class Struggle T V Sathyamurthy This article discusses the changing configuration of political forces which ultimately led to the destruction of the Allende regime in Chile.

Ugandan Politics-Convoluted Movement from Tribe to Nation

to equip them to teach new courses in these subjects. The death rate is estimated to have fallen from a level of 27 per 1000 population during 1941-51 to 14 per 1000 during 1966-71 period. Some demographers claim that the birth rate, too, has fallen to 39 per 1000 in the wake of family planning of the sixties. In many attitude, knowledge and practice surveys, known as KAP studies, the respondents have suggested the use of skits and plays through roving bands of theatrical players to convey the family planning message. They have often disapproved of the intrusion of social workers in their private sex matters.

UGANDA-First Year of the Second Republic

ous kinds in the past year or so. The referendum, it is argued, will unite around Pompidou the majority of French voters, while isolating all those who are at the two extremes of the political spectrum. Even the orthdox Gaullists, as represented by the former prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, Couve de Murville, are expected to find themselves cast into political limbo.

CHILE-Obstacles to Socialism

February 19, 1972 reses, And American complaints that these agreements violate the GATT most-favoured-nation principle would carry greater conviction if the US had nut violated GATT rules on numerous occasions* Nixon's fears are not so much for the US balance of trade or payments but for US foreign policy. With the virtual disappearance of the simple, bipolar world of the 1960s and 1960s the nations of Western Europe have begun to recover their independence in foreign affairs. Now that all issues cannot automatically be viewed in bipolar terms, European reactions to foreign policy issues have become less predictable. There is a very real danger that Heath, far from acting as Nixon's Trajan Horse in the EEC camp, will seek to lead West Europeans in the direction of a resolutely 'European' foreign policy. The emergence of a new Anglo-French entente could make it more difficult for the US to deal with its European allies.

New States and International Order-The East African States

The East African States T V Sathyamurthy NEW nations are brought into existence in an atmosphere of internal and international crises. They lack the advantage of older nations which expert- enced the process of development while maintaining their mastery of the in' ternational environment In a very real sense, the growth of international relations paralled the growth of these states. With the development of communications and a deeper interdependence of the different parts of the world, new .states commence their independent existence in an atmosphere of heightened international activity.

SANTIAGO-Chile An Interim Assessment

SANTIAGO Chile: An Interim Assessment T V Sathyamurthy THE Unidad Popular (UP) or United Front government of Chile under President Salvador Allende has now been in power for over six months. A vigorous initiative in introducing far- reaching changes in the economic structure of the country and a determined effort to inaugurate a radical policy of agrarian reform were followed by several weeks of persistent rumours of economic crisis and military coup (especially during the months of February and March this year). Since the nation- wide municipal elections of April at which the UP secured nearly 50 per cent of the total number of votes cast, Chile has entered a period of comparative political equilibrium during which the stability of the present government is unlikely to be threatened.1 Though it is yet too soon to predict with accuracy the achievements of the present government, the political path already charted by it is clear enough to warrant scrutiny at this stage.

Martyrs of Our Day

T V Sathyamurthy During the last twelve months, the political forces in Latin America which have taken the road of "direct action" have devised a strategy of political struggle novel in modern international affairs. Kidnapping of foreign diplomats and officials and domestic politicians is uniquely Latin American. The development of this new phenomenon has taken place over the last year in interesting stages.


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