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Panchayat Raj and India s Two Societies

Panchayat Raj and India's Two Societies T V Sathyamurthy New Horizons for West Bengal's Panchayats: A Report for the Government of West Bengal by Nirmal Mukarji and D Bandyopadhyay; Government of West Bengal Publication, Calcutta, pp 69.

Assessing India s Political Economy

Assessing India's Political Economy T V Sathyamurthy The Painful Transition: Bourgeois Democracy in India by Achin Vanaik; Verso, London (distributed by TR Publications)

Science and Sensibility

Science and Sensibility T V Sathyamurthy Chandra: A Biography of S Chandrasekhar by Kameshwar C Wali; The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1991; pp 341,

A Unique Academic Understanding of Politics

A Unique Academic Understanding of Politics T V Sathyamurthy Politics and the People: In Search of a Humane India (in two volumes), 1989; Vol I, pp 250 + x/ix, Rs 250; Vol II, pp 251-535 + xv, Rs 200. Slate against Democracy: In Search of Humane Governance, 1988. Rethinking Development: In Search of Humane Alternatives, 1988. Transformation and Survival: In Search of Humane World Order, 1988. All published by Ajanta Publishers, Delhi.

Terms of Political Discourse in India

T V Sathyamurthy Discussion at the second conference of the project 'Terms of Political Discourse in India' focused on the themes of State and Social Oppression; India's'Economic Policy in the International Context; Politics of Agrarian Transformation; Structure, Discourse and Political Institutions; State, Nation and Class; and Resistance, Co-option and Cultural Transformation.

Gulf War and Anti-Imperialism in West Asia

West Asia T V Sathyamurthy If the victory of the Iranian revolution over the regime of the Shah represented a climacteric moment in anti-imperialist and Islamic nationalist politics in West Asia, the emergence in 1990 of Saddam Hussein as a self-appointed leader of Arab nationalism was an anti-climax in the history of contemporary Arab nationalism and its struggle against imperialism.

State and Society in a Changing Political Perspective

Political Perspective T V Sathyamurthy With the revolutionary agenda pushed into the background overt conflicts have become far more acute within the ruling classes, between the two major segments of industrial and agricultural capital While oppression of the lower castes has intensified, the situation has also opened up new political spaces in which political movements and parties can raise the demands of the oppressed.

China A Year after Tiananmen Uprising

Uprising T V Sathyamurthy The implementation of the policy of Tour Modernisations', far from ushering in a period of transition during which China's political economy would reach a condition of stability, would appear to have created the conditions for its lurching from one end of a turbulent political spectrum to its opposite Different segments of the population derive divergent cues from these profound impulses towards change.

Terms of Political Discourse in India

T V Sathyamurthy In discussions of Indian politics, conceptual categories have multiplied over the years. The same concepts have acquired different meanings or have been replaced by new ones. Old concepts have sometimes shed their original meaning and acquired new connotations. And new categories and concepts are employed to capture certain specific nuances and crucial aspects of fast changing reality.

Impact of Centre-State Relations on Indian Politics-An Interpretative Reckoning, 1947-87

Impact of Centre-State Relations on Indian Politics An Interpretative Reckoning, 1947-87 T V Sathyamurthy In the last four decades, India has undergone a transformation from a homogeneous polity in which power was shared between the centre and the states under the control of the ruling Congress Party into one in which control is shared between the centre which has continued to be governed by the Congress Party and the states in which a variety of different parties

Britain s Ten-Year Itch under Thatcher Administration

Thatcher Administration T V Sathyamurthy The changes that are likely to follow the Tory debacle in the 1989 European election will almost certainly weaken the Thatcher government. Whether or not the Labour Party will be ready to take over will depend on its capacity to consolidate the gains already achieved and to put together a viable package aimed at undoing some of the major damages inflicted during ten years of purblind Toryism.


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