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Competition Policy Dilemmas

Once, we accept the need for a competition policy, there is the practical matter of what the coverage of such a policy might be. Most of what the Committee on Competition Policy and Law has recommended is standard stuff where competition policy is concerned. The important recommendations relate to three areas: agreements among enterprises, abuse of dominance and mergers.

Growth, Poverty and Equity

The resignation of Ravi Kanbur as head of the team preparing the World Bank's World Development Report 2000/01 suggests that, the convulsions in east Asia in 1997 notwithstanding, there is little willingness among the high priests of the Washington Consensus to rethink the application of its tenets to the world at large.

Case Unproven

Case Unproven Economy and Organisation: Indian Institutions under the Neoliberal Regime edited by Amiya Kumar Bagchi; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1999; pp 427, Rs 495 (cloth).

Equity Issues by New Units Patterns of Public Response

Patterns of Public Response T T Ram Mohan This article aims to study the patterns of public response to equity issues made recently by units coming into the capital market for the first time. The data are gathered from the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.


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