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Some Emerging Trends in China s Domestic Policy

T Karki Hussain The all-powerful policy planning central committee of the Communist Party of China has now published the guidelines under the new strategy for the urban sector aimed at decentralised planning. The Chinese leadership, it would appear from this, feels emboldened to carryforward the offensive launched initially in 1978 by revising the role of the communes, into the sensitive areas of industry, commerce, science and culture. At the same time, there may be uncertain times ahead for China. Successful experiments with material incentives and decentralisation notwithstanding, the substantive dimensions of the modernisation process may unfold yet another set of dialectics to be tackled by Deng Xiao-ping's successors.

Sino-Indian Relations

T Karki Hussain In the wake of a significant electoral victory, the Government finds itself in a sufficiently strong position to move away from the old line on China. After an interval of several years it is showing signs of adopting a high-key posture in foreign policy, especially in matters of direct national concern. India can also gain impetus from the great fluidity in recent international dealings.
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