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Articles By T K Oommen

Indian Labour Movement: Colonial Era to the Global Age

This paper attempts to situate labour movements of 20th century India - agrarian and industrial - in the context of the changing contours of the country. Many scholars have focused exclusively on industrial labour, ignoring the fact that the overwhelming proportion of labour in India is predominantly agrarian. The prospect of a unified labour movement is unlikely because of the many categories and internal differences within each. This, however, does not mean that labour mobilisation and struggles will cease. Sectoral mobilisation against deprivations specific to each group will continue, and along with equity, identity, security and dignity will be important for the labour movement(s).

Development Policy and the Nature of Society: Understanding the Kerala Model

The quality of life is usually measured by three interrelated dimensions such as the human development index, the human freedom index, and the human distress profile. In Kerala, in spite of high HDI, the rates of suicide, crime, drug addiction, unemployment, etc, are high compared to other states. This essay argues that a high quality of life should register a high HDI, the maximum HFI and minimum HDP. It is necessary to work towards this complex objective if Kerala wants to sustain its claim to a high quality of life.