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HONG KONG-Reckoning with Racialism

greater responsibility. There is also a proposal for a "University Court" for awarding punishment to students. Till now all disciplinary actions have been taken exclusively by the faculty in secrecy. Further, students will now have the right to negotiate for changes in academic programmes.

BANGKOK-Thailand Beckons

suffer perceptibly, but it could also benefit from the rapprochement of the I we Communist parties and the sharpening polarisation after a period of time.

HONG KONG-China s Widening Horizon

position members has been very poor. Excepting a few, Opposition members have been taking the proceedings rather lightly. Congress members' per formance has also not been of a high order. The overall standard of discussion in the Assembly has thus been dismal.

HONG KONG-The Sea is Red

many of the Andhra, Telengana and Rayalaseema districts. Having been economically down-trodden for decades (efforts in more recent years to redistribute banjar lands wherever available among these sections notwithstanding), these tribals have been highly receptive to extremist propaganda and slogans. The delays in implementing land reforms conferring ownership rights on cultivating tenants and delays in the enforcement of wage rates for agricultural workers determined from region to region under the Minmum Wages Act, have fanned their rage further.

HONG KONG-The New War in Vietnam

ludicrous gaffes. Apart from the single- column width editorials which run into two columns, Times runs a main article in columns 3, 4, and 5; below it are stacked what is known as a "middle"' and the series of short editorial notes under the title "Current Topics". Column 6 is given over to letters to the editor; the remaining columns are generally devoted to news despatches.

HONG KONG-Dear Tantrums

nearly 98 per cent of the votes already counted, the Prime Minister's party accounts for 55 per cent and Jagan's 37 per cent. Of the foreign votes actually cast, Burnham's percentage is almost 94 per cent. Not for nothing was Burnham bouncing with confidence, once he had his foreign supporters registered as voters.

HONG KONG- Oh, What a Lovely War

Oh, What a Lovely War! EVERYBODY knows that war has a sweet smell of money -everybody from Krupp to the Hong Kong Indian who has made a neat pile airlifting icecream to American troops in Vietnam. Naturally, the threat of peace breaking out in South-East Asia has caused a flurry of activity, businessmen as well as bar girls trying to figure out how they can make hay after the sun has quit shining. For, not only are imperialists and warmongers interested in imperialism and war

HONG KONG- Gilt-Edged Communism

ciates from Vidarbha, such as N K Tripude and M A Vauale, were acutely embarrassed by the report. Another prominent Congressman from Vidarbha, Labour Minister N M Tidke, also held himself aloof from the agitation mainly because, it is known, he has his eyes on the leadership of the Vidarbha Congress. For less self-interested reasons, Finance Minister S K Wankhede too took the position all along that the decision on the Agricultural University had been taken "on merits".

Kerala Act Two

T J S George The vicious feud between the Left and Right Communists in Kerala has been a demonstration of brinkmanship. In the thick of the dogfight, the leaders of the ruling coalition never forgot that they had to stay in power and stay together.


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