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Reflections and Reminiscences

Can we ever pre-empt which experiences might form a memory and which might not?

A Rendezvous with Art and Silence

Art, bolstered by the silence afforded by galleries, ushers us not just into a cosmos created by the artist, but also into our own selves, dropping all pretence.

What Is Philosophy?

A story about making the obvious a bit more obvious reveals the purpose of philosophy.

The Feigned Lives of Facebook

Art and philosophy can show the way for a social media that embraces life in its totality, allowing for the projection of our true selves on social media.

In a Sorry State

Politics will determine whether nations end up apologising for historical wrongs, but the philosophical questions underlying the issue have no easy answers.

Matrimony, Morals and the Monarchy

The impending royal wedding shows that the monarchy has come to terms with the changing times.

A King of Hearts

Although Jawaharlal Nehru’s first state visit to the US was a diplomatic failure, it revealed that, like John F Kennedy, he was a rare leader who represented not just a nation’s policies but also its sentiments.

Art of Rhetoric in Democracy

Rhetoric in democratic politics is essential, but it must be deeply sincere and always truthful.

Kennedys’ Camelot

The age and time of the Kennedys has been a Camelot in the short history of modern politics.

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