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Counting Our Blessings

 and added that "with him it really is a creed, while I believe that for Gandhi non-violence is a political weapon far more than a creed". He further wrote: "His one idea for 40 years has been to overthrow British rule and influence and to establish a Hindu raj; and he is as unscrupulous as he is persistent .... He is an exceedingly shrewd, obstinate, domineering, double- tongued, single-minded politician; and there is little true saintliness in him. At one stage Wavell even charged Gandhi of attributing to him "an entirely false statement" while preparing the record of an interview between them.

Useless Compilation

Weintraub, Eli Schwartz and J Richard Aronson [ed] "The Economic Growth Controversy", 1974.) Singh also has some glimpses into the future. What we need, he says relying on The Cocoyoc Declaration', is to create a new system which seeks to meet the 'inner limits' of the basic human needs for the world's people, but without violating the 'outer limits' of the planet's resources and environment. In the last section of the book he gives the outlines of the kind of humane global order that he wishes to see. established. His conclusion is that "A viable, that is, ecologically durable, human habitat would then be contingent upon truly fundamental changes in the way world society is instituted today. Inequality in all its forms and manifestations, traditional capitalist or formal-socialist, would have to be erased from the very conscience of man if he is to live in peace with nature/' One can accept it as a valid claim, but the real question is how to achieve it.


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