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China s Strategy for Its Technological Transformation

March 3, 1984 China's Strategy for Its Technological Transformation Surendra J Patel BY its very size, China is an important member of the world community. It occupies a special place in the third world. Its development has continued to attract attention both from its ardent admirers and hostile critics. Any new policy in that country therefore merits serious attention. At a recent Conference on Science and Technology Policy and Research Management, held in Beijing from October 4 to 8, 1973, China's past policy in the areas of science and technology were broadly reviewed and several new departures were outlined. It was particularly noticeable that while the phrase science and technology continued to be used, the accent through all the papers presented by the Chinese participants was on technology. Zhu Rongji, Vice Minister of the State Economic Commission, presented a key paper: ''On the Importation of Technology

The Technological Transformation of the Third World

Third World IT is commonplace to hear that the world is passing through a period of turbulence

Goals of Planning in the Seventies-A Note

A Note Surendra J Patel This year's elections to Parliament have been the most decisive since Independence. This raises basic questions concerning the goals of planning and policies over the next decade or two. The questions may appear deceptively simple and may, therefore, be dismissed as trite. But adequate answers to them are crucial to a determination of the goals of development for the seventies and to an elaboration of policies to achieve them.


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