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Science, Knowledge and Society

Science, Knowledge and Society Sundar Sarukkai THERE are many issues, some convergent and others divergent, in the stand taken in the introduction and two articles by Sokol and Meera Nanda (EPW, April 18, 1998). As the introduction makes explicit, this collection is aimed at

The Other in Anthropology and Philosophy

The notion of the 'other' has become very prevalent in social sciences. Here the 'other' is examined as it occurs in anthropology and philosophy, primarily through Levinas and Derrida. Based on this, a radical revision of anthropological knowledge, 'ethically' oriented and incorporating subjectivity as an essential element, is suggested. Finally, it is argued that within such a framework fiction has to be considered as a valid ethnographic data.

Mathematisation of Human Sciences-Epistemological Sanskritisation

Sanskritisation is evident in the epistemological realm of the human sciences also. The excessive preoccupation with mathematics in particular, essentially suggests the attempt by the human sciences to climb the epistemological ladder. Use of charts, graphs, prediction methods help in validating the subject's claim to truth. But the increasing tendency of the human sciences to seek legitimacy through such ritualisation process also reflects its paucity to accept other modes of thinking.


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