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Revisiting the 'Underground'

Even as the surreptitious actions of the State's "agents" find no criticism or abhorrence by its custodians, the polity, the intellectuals and the media, movements and organisations disenchanted with the State are adopting similar "underground" ways to express their revulsion and hatred.

A Re-examination of Gandhi

Colonial Modernization and Gandhi by Saila Kumar Ghosh

A Wide Gamut of Relationships

Sumanta Banerjee From the jacket of the book, the face of a woman stares out. Entitled Portrait of a Mogul Lady, it was painted by one Francesco Renaldi in 1787, and she is said to be

Guess Who's Calling Us for Dinner?

Barack Obama's path to the White House is reminiscent of the tensions and ultimate happy resolution in the 1960s film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. But Obama's election can at best be an occasion for a few cosmetic changes in US foreign and domestic policies. It does not imply a radical departure from the fundamental economic and political motivations that govern US behaviour.

A Political Cul-de-sac: CPI(M)'s Tragic Denouement

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has morphed into a Janus-like party, with one face as an opposition mouthing rhetoric against the neoliberal model of industrial development at the national level, and the other as a ruling power in three states where they impose the same oppressive model. It is doubtful whether the present leadership can revive the spirit or restore the path that was charted in its party programme in 1964.

Media: Bashed from Outside and Flawed from Within

The "vibrant" Indian media is under siege on all sides. Powerful politicians use mobs to browbeat independent outlets; the state manipulates the media to plant information through journalists innocent of the basic norms of reporting and media owners prioritise their commercial interests over everything else. A number of examples in recent months from around the country highlight the ugly trends.

Homage to 'Red Rosa'

Rosa Luxemburg: A Revolutionary Socialist; Rosa Luxemburg: Life and Personality by Nirmal Ray

On the Naxalite Movement: A Report with a Difference

The report, Development Challenges in Extremist Affected Areas, authored by an expert group set up by the Planning Commission, looks at the Naxalite/Maoist movement in a way that is different from the prevalent official attitude and draws attention to many of the positive effects of the movement. The report rejects the official "security-centric" approach in dealing with the movement and instead suggests an "ameliorative approach with emphasis on a negotiated solution".

The Story of 'Battala'

Power in Print: Popular Publishing and the Politics of Language and Culture in a Colonial Society, 1778-1905 by Anindita Ghosh;

Fond Memories

It is nice to hear that the EPW has got its own home. Yet, one part of me will always remain bound to Hitkari House.

Goodbye Socialism

At the January 14-16 conference of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)'s West Bengal state committee, the one-point agenda of industrialisation with the market in command took the centre stage. Does this indicate a fundamental change in the party's approach to economic reforms, or a temporary stratagem in the implementation of its original programme?

The Importance of Being 'Che'

O n Che Guevara's 40th death anniversary which Che does the world want? A fashionable brand name for consumer goods, a forgettable failure in the official histories of various communist parties, or a source of inspiration for a new generation of revolutionaries?


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