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The Sui Generis System

(including themandir masjid dispute) and it would be interesting to see bow the SP-BSP combination consolidates its position among the most important segment of their support base. The social and class basis of the dalits entails a measure of 'anti-establishment' politics of struggle which the BSP has not upheld with any consistency till now. Kanshi Ram has been essentially following a pragmatic line of getting political concessions from established political parties like the Congress and BJP, ignoring the fact that the dalit question is related not to just sharing of political power but to the working of the Brahminical order itself. Moreover, in UP particularly, the SP-BSP's approach towards the Congress may reduce the combine to working as a regional wing of the Congress.

Indian Patents Act and TRIPS

Suman Sahai An examination of the differences between TRIPS and the present patents system in India brings out clearly why adoption of the former will be detrimental to research and development and self-reliant growth.

Dunkel Draft is Bad for Agriculture

CPI(M-L)-IPF combine. And it is surely time for the CPI(M-L)-IPF to examine whether the combine's growing preoccupation with elections and national-level initiatives have adversely affected its mass mobilisation at the ground level. The explanation offered in the review that the supporters and the cadres of the combine, because of their political immaturity, did not enthusiastically rally behind the CPI candidate, even if true, may only amount to telling half the story. Looking at the voting trends in the areas under IPF influence, it seems that a section of the organisation's supporters cast their votes in favour of other candidates, often on the basis of caste considerations.

Burden of Proof Danger Clause in Dunkel Text

in Dunkel Text Suman Sahai In the TRIPS chapter of the Dunkel Draft, Article 34 contains the demand to reverse the burden of proof in cases involving process patents. In effect, the accused would be held guilty unless they can prove their innocence. This is standing accepted precepts of legal justice and human rights on their head. Its implementation to prevent farmers from saving seed of the protected varieties will also result in serious law and order problems.

Patenting of Life Forms What It Implies

Implies Suman Sahai If India were to accept a patent regime for life forms it would mean handing over control over the development, availability and distribution of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides to multinational corporations which have already carved out a niche in biotechnology.


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