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Code of Professional Ethics and Delhi University

Against the backdrop of the adoption of the University Grants Commission's professional code of ethics for university/college teachers by the Delhi University executive committee in March 2014, this article explores how the code is interpreted and policed, and, therefore, acted upon as a set of rules in an institution. It also examines the implications of the UGC-recommended code for the integrity of academic knowledge dissemination and the academic profession.

On the Indian Readers of Hitler's Mein Kampf

The web version of this article corrects a few errors that appeared in the print edition.


This paper brings an analytical perspective to bear on media reports on the popularity of Mein Kampf in India and evocations of Hitler in Indian political and cultural discourses. The basis and implications of such reports are examined for the Indian context, and relatedly for North American and European contexts. It is argued that Hitler and his manifesto are now evoked in India and elsewhere in fractured and dispersed ways that elide their ideological significance. The coherence and continuing potentiality of fascist ideology and Nazi-like programmes are noted, and it is suggested that their conceptual shadow remains recuperable amidst contemporary circulation of Mein Kampf and evocations of Hitler.

Indian 'Commercial Fiction' in English, the Publishing Industry and Youth Culture

There are two ways in which we can contemplate the global/local dimension in relation to Indian commercial fiction in English: first, in terms of processes of publication and circulation (the means of production); and, second, in terms of the broad characteristics and reception of such fiction (product and consumption). This paper discusses Indian commercial fiction in English since the 1980s and offers some more or less speculative observations on what is produced with the expectation that it will enjoy a profitable career in the Indian market.

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