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Articles By Suman Bery

India in the G-20: What Should Matter Most?

To what degree does the work programme and the initial decisions mandated by the g-20 address the issues that are of concern to the major emerging markets, and what cues should the latter group derive from the deliberations thus far? The heated discussion at the g-20 on a coordinated fiscal stimulus has crowded out a much more difficult and important debate on the issue of global imbalances and mechanisms to intermediate these. Much of the current work emerging out of the g-20 remains oriented to the political and economic predicament of the advanced economies.

Options to Consider in Public Debt Management

The decision to shift the management of public debt from the Reserve Bank of India to a specialised debt office under the ministry of finance offers an opportunity to explore ways in which the costs and risks to the government are minimised. This article explores if it is not worthwhile to denominate a small portion of sovereign debt in foreign currency.