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Investigating the Causes for Low Female Age at Marriage

This study on low female age at marriage is aimed at investigating the causes and factors influencing the marginal increase in age at marriage among women from 15.3 years as reported in the National Family Health Survey-1 (1992–93) to 16.1 years in NFHS-3 (2005–06) in undivided Andhra Pradesh. The analysis of the data collected from a sample of 716 households from seven districts of Telangana and of 1,944 households from 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh reveals that the two most important exogenous variables with respect to age at marriage are awareness and education, with education emerging as a key indicator.

Coal Mining and Local Livelihoods

This article is an attempt to understand the consequences of the sudden collapse and subsequent deaths in August 2013 at the Kulda Opencast coal mine in the Basundhara-Garjanbahal area of Sundargarh district, Odisha. The poor management of such mines affects the local people who have been uprooted and their livelihoods destroyed. Their efforts to eke out a living by collecting coal from around these mines are termed "illegal mining" and leads to their victimisation.

Impact of Rehabilitation Policy and Low Crop Yield

The rehabilitation policy adopted by the Orissa government in the Rengali Dam project cannot be condemned blindly. It has treated all displaced households equally and also increased the size of people's landholdings. But much of the land distributed has been of infertile quality; land allotments have also been in patches, causing great difficulty and adding to the hardships of the displaced people. This article is an empirical study of agrarian changes that have resulted from the policy hitherto followed by the Orissa government.
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