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Women, Work and Health An Interconnected Web-Case of Drugs and Cosmetics Industries

Case of Drugs and Cosmetics Industries Sujata Gothoskar This article looks at women workers in components of the health industry drugs, cosmetics and toiletries industries to examine the relationship between their paid work and unpaid work and on the health consequences of the combination of the two. Whether 'work' is recognised as such or not, its impact on women's health is telling.

Maharashtra s Policy for Women

Ashok Mitra H T Parekh was a trustee par excellence, and in several senses. He reposed his trust in the Don Quixotes in different walks of life; on their part, they came to trust him. Which is why Sachin Chaudhuri the cerebral anarchist, cast such a spelt on Hasmukhhhai and vice versa.

Structural Adjustment, Feminisation of Labour Force and Organisational Strategies

Force and Organisational Strategies Nandita Shah Sujata Gothoskar Nandita Gandhi Amrita Chhachhi The argument that SAP will lead to feminisation of labour and the availability of jobs for women needs to be examined critically in the Indian context Based on a sound grasp of the impact of SAP, organisational strategies which will strengthen women 's resources in confronting the economic pressures need to be evolved.

Occupational Diseases Information

international political framework the working class struggle at the enterprise level or industry level, or some times even at national level, can offer economic advantages only in a limited space. There Is an urgent need to develop political consciousness that would transcend workplace relations.

Part-Time Work for Women

Sujata Gothoskar Increasing numbers of women need jobs but do not get any. The government will have to seriously consider adopting a policy regarding employment in the public sector providing for at least a thirty per cent reservation for women in all jobs and categories.

New Perspectives on Women s Work

Women and Work: An Annual Review edited by Barbara A Gutck, Ann H Stromberg and Lausie Larwood; Volume 3, Sage Publications, New York,
RECENTLY, there has been a great deal of research and debate on the issues relating to women's work, nationally and internationally. These have encompassed a very wide range of topics

WOMEN-Free Trade Zones Pitting Women against Women

screen to be invincible. Thus MGR is one among the oppressed and at the same time an individual dispenser of justice in favour of the oppressed who cannot be defeated.

Women, Work, Organisation and Struggle

Women, Work, Organisation and Struggle Sujata Gothoskar Rohini Banaji Neelam Chaturvedi THE struggle of women for greater control over their lives has taken place in four major forms: (1) women have organised autonomously (in mass movements, consciousness raising groups, women's centres, etc) for control over their bodies (eg, against rape, for free and safe contraceptives and abortions), for political rights like suffrage, against oppression in the family, against porno- graph)', etc; (2) they have fought through unions for an improvement in their standards of life and conditions of work; (3) they have organised as housewives for social recognition and remuneration for their work; and (4) they have fought in more general social movements on issues which affect men and children as well

LABOUR- Wages and Allowances of Loco Running Staff

December 12, 1981 LABOUR IN July 1981, the Railway Ministry negotiated a settlement with the two recognised federations of railway workers, the AIRE (All India Railwaymen's Federation) and the NFIR (National Federation of Indian Railwaymen), on the issues of revision of running allowances and cadre restructuring. It was on these issues, among other things that, the All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) had gone on strike in January-February 1981.


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