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Articles By Sudhanva Deshpande

The Man with a Hyphenated Identity

Life under Israel's increasingly vicious occupation of Palestine is hard not simply because of the physical conditions of existence, but because it oppresses the imagination and distorts the personality of children. In this country without playgrounds, Juliano Mer Khamis and his Freedom Theatre proved a threat, not only to the Zionist state but also to the Islamic fundamentalists, who could not accept his identity of being equally Palestinian and Israeli.

Bilingualism, Theatre, and the Fate of the Vernacular

Contrary to Ramachandra Guha's arguments ("The Rise and Fall of the Bilingual Intellectual", EPW, 15 August 2009), bilingualism (actually multilingualism) thrives in Indian theatre. And perhaps when children are comprehensively schooled in the vernacular at the primary level, bilingualism (English and an Indian language) is more likely to take root.

Authorship and Copyright in Theatre

Copying, imitation and reproducibility are central to the fine arts and therefore the concept of copyright sits uneasy. Experience suggests that copyright is designed to protect corporate profits rather than artists' creativity. It is imperative for artists and theatre persons to work out alternatives to copyright which recognise the creator's work without obstructing wider dissemination and adaption.