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The Kashmir Gambit

Little or nothing is likely to come of ceasefires until we are able to see how the other side sees us; and do some honest introspection on whether there might indeed be some basis for their perceptions and attitudes.

Candour about the Twice-Born

percentages are achieved only if the growth rate differential remains unchanged over a 200-year period. But normally the growth rate differentials do not remain static and the tendencies are towards a secular equalisation of growth rates among all the groups of human populations.

Rural Poverty and Its Alleviation in India

Rural Poverty and Its Alleviation in India Sudhanshu Ranade KAKWANI and Subbarao [1991] have attempted to defend the methodology they earlier used to separate the impact of growth and of improvements in distribution on rural poverty in India [Kakwani and Subbarao 1990a, 1990b], The present note seeks to draw attention to some problems with the method which Kakwani and Subbarao have in their most recent paper attempted to defend. We conclude with an outline of a viable alternative.

On Estimating and Explaining Rural Poverty

On Estimating and Explaining Rural Poverty Sudhanshu Ranade Introduction N KRISHNAJI's recent paper [EPW, June 27, 1987] voices scepticism about the supposed empirical evidence [Mellor and Desai (ed) 1986] on the economic determinants of rural poverty. Actually, such scepticism was expressed even by some of the papers in that book, though not then taken seriously by its editors. Perhaps this was because the dissenters did not rigorously develop their critical arguments, a lacuna Krishnaji has now contributed to filling. Unfortunately, in doing so, he has attempted to reinvent the wheel; always a laborious exercise, and usually imperfectly successful.

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