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Financial Practices in Indian Corporate Sector

Inter-Group and Inter-Size Differences Sudhakar Adve This paper examines the financial behaviour and practices of different segments of the Indian pri- vate corporate sector with a view to bringing out the differences between (i) public and private limited companies; (ii) medium and large and small companies; (iii) Indian companies and foreign companies; and (v) companies in different industrial categories.

Unpretty Picture

March 3, 1973 new crop. Since sales failed to pick up, it reduced its prices in December and cotton prices have been receding from December onwards. The Centre has agreed to share CCFs losses to the extent of 75 per cent The price trend has been unmistakable. Between January 1972 and January 1973, the index of cotton prices (1961-62 = 100) declined from 214 to 193, i e, by 10 per cent, even as jute prices have increased by 21 per cent and prices of all commodities by 12 per cent. When there is an all-round increase in prices, how is the steady fall in cotton prices to be explained? Meanwhile, it is MSCMF and CCI which are in for the heavy losses.

Murky Light on Wealth

Murky Light on Wealth Sudhakar Adve INDIA can boast of an impressive array of quantitative data on national and sectoral incomes, capital formation and capital stock, the sheer methodological elegance of which even many advanced countries might envy. The high level of methodological sophistication exhibited by the estimates of tangible wealth in India, published in the October 1972 issue of the Reserve Bank's Bulletin, is a case in point. There have been many attempts in the past to quantify the total tangible wealth

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