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Neighbourhood Associations and Local Democracy: Delhi Municipal Elections 2007

A study of municipal elections in Delhi in 2007 shows that there are institutional limitations in realising local democracy. Democratisation of local bodies has been hindered because of the nature of neighbourhood associations. However, neighbourhood associations are themselves being democratised and are therefore bound to strengthen local democracy.

Fluctuating, Ambivalent Legitimacy of Gender as a Political Category

Debates around the Women's Reservation Bill, whatever their particular stance, have all taken for granted the legitimacy of gender as a political category, in contrast to the fierce controversy that the issue provoked in France in the 1990s over the same issue of political representation of women. With this as a starting point for a reflection on the status of gender in the Indian polity, the author explores the historical fluctuations of gender's legitimacy as a political category, the principles on which this legitimacy is founded and, lastly, its intrinsic ambivalence.

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