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Articles By Stanly Johny

Egypt: Tragedy of a Postmodern Revolution

The popular uprising against the authoritarian President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected leader, culminated in his removal by the army and the subsequent massacre of his Muslim Brotherhood supporters. The unfolding events have nullified any democratic gains which the country had made after the January 25, 2011 revolution. Today, Egypt stands deeply polarised and is perhaps on the precipice of civil war.

Whistle-blowing in the Wind

Only the small nations of Latin America, committed to “Socialism of the 21st century”, stand up to the might of the United States, by offering to provide asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden. The rest of the world’s state establishments show their inability to defy the US despite great sympathy for Snowden among their citizens (including within the US). 

The Geopolitical War: Syria's Descent into Turmoil

Mired in a two year bloody civil war, the sectarian divisions in Syria have intensified, and the death toll is rising by the day. The rebel groups have suffered serious setbacks in the recent times, but it is too early to declare the Assad regime victorious. While countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar want to dislodge the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis, Russia and Iran are putting their might behind Assad. This could prolong the civil war further and threaten the stability of the region.

VS' Legacy and the CPI(M)'s crisis

VS Achuthanandan's disciplinary issues with his party should not detract from his legacy as a leader who enthused the Left sections of Kerala by taking up issues related to land use, agricultural labour apart from leading various other struggles in the near past. His legacy and the issues he has raised are even more important as his party faces a serious credibility deficit in the state of Kerala following recent events.