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Indian Civil Service Examinations and Dalit Intervention in British India

During the independence movement in the mid-19th century, the Paraiyar Mahajana Sabha from Tamil Nadu prevailed upon the British government to reject the demand from the Indian elite to simultaneously hold exams for the Indian Civil Services in India in addition to London. Dalit organisations at that time felt that such a move would only enable the upper-caste Indians to monopolise the bureaucracy in India.

Dalit Political Imagination and Replication in Contemporary Tamil Nadu

Tamil politics is dominated by the Dravidian parties and it is an indictment of their rule that untouchability and caste discrimination continue unabated in the state. Dalit movements arose in opposition, and as an alternative, to Dravidianism but have been shaped by their political context. A dalit-left alliance might offer one way out of the current impasse in dalit politics.

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